The fragrances are made using the finest quality essential oils, natural fragrances, botanical and fruit extracts. The luxurious fragrances are specially formulated to deliver clean, pure and delicate scents to your living space.

Wax + Wicks 
Our candles are crafted using the highest quality soy wax from the USA and lead-free cotton wicks. The natural soy wax allows the candle to burn at a lower temperature, ensuring the candle slowly releases its wonderful fragrance and overall has a longer burn time compared to most waxes. Whilst the core of the candle, the wick, has been carefully selected and tested to increase the performance of the candle.
The natural reeds have been carefully selected, treated and dried to discard any impurities. The porous reeds act as a catalyst for the oils to diffuse. Using premium quality reeds ensures the essence of the fragrance is not affected when the scent is released into the air.
Clean and simple, chic and contemporary yet timeless. Our collection of home fragrance products are a compliment to any décor. The slick design filled with our luxurious fragrances adds a delicate touch to any room. A beautiful design that illuminates your space with aromatic luxury while inspiring your senses. 

Here at Element Living, we select only the best materials and highest quality ingredients. From raw materials, perfecting techniques, to the smallest component of each product, our dedicated team will follow the strictest of guidelines and produce products of immaculate quality.